You may be eligible for compensation from our government due to covid restrictions


PCRclaims is a campaign group that collates and manages claims relating to individual losses driven by pillar 2 testing.

Joanna Rogers of NaviStar Legal is a solicitor and is our in-house legal counsel.

As a campaign group, we are supported by a network of regulated independent law firms, freelance lawyers, solicitors and barristers who take your claim from start to finish.


This government has been negligent in the use of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests in response to Covid-19

Using mass testing to drive lockdowns was an error of huge magnitude.

Quarantining healthy people is unprecedented.

Shutting down the economy is unprecedented.


Were you, your children, or your business adversely affected by lockdowns, quarantines or forced self-isolation based on PCR testing?

Please provide a short statement of evidence outlining the harms you suffered using our simple questionnaire.

You will then be contacted regarding next steps in this process.

It is our prediction that this will become the biggest lawsuit against the government ever seen in this country.

This service will be free of charge to you, ‘the plaintiff’.

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Our Spokespeople

PCRclaims is proud to officially represent and rely upon the most eminent spokespeople and their expertise.
They are all agreed that the inappropriate use of Pillar 2 PCR & LFT testing must end immediately.

Emma Kenny


Emma Kenny is a Registered Psychological Therapist.​​ She is a member of the British Psychological Society and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Emma is trained in three therapy disciplines and has a particular interest in trauma work.​

Emma is the founder of Appy the free health and wellbeing app, offering a democratic platform for health and wellbeing, and a safe social network for those requiring support.


Christine Padgham

Physicist & Analyst

Christine has a BSc in Physics and a MSc and Post-Graduate Diploma in Medical Physics and worked for the NHS in Health Physics for 7 years. For 8 years she has been a private tutor in Maths and Physics up to university level, tutoring over 150 students.

More recently has been interrogating Covid datasets, particularly for Scotland.


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